Unformatted DVD - sorry, noob DVD!

Ok, so I’ve tried burning an image onto DVD - using alchohol120

I’ve had no probs previously with CDs…

Message comes up confiming that it is “initialising”. Then states “unformatted DVD”. How do I format it??

I might have figured this out - think I need to install my Nero stuff…

Will come back if still have problems

Yep still got problems.

So i’ve got:
nec 3500 dvd recorded
win xp pro
alchohol 120
nero 5

why can I not format my DVD? why do I need to?

What kind of DVD are you talking about? As it refers to “format”, are you sure it is not a RW disc?
If so, is it “minus” or “plus”? (just as a matter of curiousity)
Do you have InCD isntalled?
Your version of Nero seems to quite old, as it is now on version 7.x.x.
What’s the release within version 5?
Anyway, it shall be something well before NEC 3500 was marketed and you would need a dif one.
Nero and 120 can be an issue, depending how you admin your sys.
By the way: format is required for RW media, not for write once stuff.
And your InCD risks to unknow the discs you’re using, as by the time of version 5 speeds were lower than at present.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I think I’ve tracked this down to a software problem.

The disks are +RW. My dvd recorded should support these.

However, looking at the CD I’ve got for Nero 5.5, it’s for my old Plextor drive!!

Are there any demo versions of Nero/INCD that I can download. I don’t burn very much - just need this one file urgently onto DVD.

You can get trial versions from here:


If you don’t burn much you should consider Deep Burner which is free.