Unfinalized dvd+r from a pos rca dcr8000

I bought, what I thought was a decent dvd recorder, a rca dcr8000 dvd recorder some time back. I transferred 5 home movies to dvd+r…Then came all the problems…Just today I started finding everything that was typically wrong with the rca unit…My dvds were not finalized and I have no way of finalizing them…My other dvd recorders do not recognized the discs (Disc Error) and the computer reads the discs as blank…I have 2 questions for anyone that can help me:
1-If I purchase another (used) rca…same model…can I finalize my dvds?
2-If not, what kind of software, if any, can I get to retrieve the home movies I’ve lost?

Any computer dvd burner should be able to finalize such disks.

There seems to be a big big problem with your disks.

Thanks for your reply.
The discs do not seem to be damaged in any way…I talked to a few techies locally and they said that the coding for the discs come from the firmware in the machine, but then another guy told me that it’s the software…Too many opinions are confusing to me and I’m not sure which way to go…I feel I’m pretty adept at the technology, but I can’t figure this one out…I don’t want to lose these movies…Anything will help…BubbaG

bubbag, welcome, I agree with who ever told you that its down to the firmware of the writing machine, I’ve come across the same problem, also with DVD+RW.(my machine is a Philips, not brill but it works.)

thanks silver-spirit…Does this mean that I’ve lost the movies???
I’ve been reading up on IsoBuster…Would this help???
Still looking for hope, ya know!

All may not be lost. Download ImgBurn and run it, put the unfinalised disc in your PC DVD writer. Then follow this path through the ImgBurn menu:

‘Tools’ -> ‘Drive’ -> ‘Close’ -> ‘Disc’

Should work…

That’s strange because you don’t have to finalise +RW discs.

ye, I know but for some reason it will not read in an other player(Panasonic), or on any of four dvd drives(lite-on 165P6S, PIoneer111L,Samsung182M orBenq1640), you can some times read the contents on the comp wut when I try to play them they usualy lock up the system.

Thanks, imkidd57…I went through your directions w/ imgBurn…I keep getting an I/O error…unclosed disc and command sequence error…again, I am getting nervous…please help

Yes I think you have to ignore those warnings and just go for the sequence I described above to close the disc.

If that won’t work then it’s possible that the discs are poor quality and won’t finalise. You can try IsoPuzzle first (because it’s freeware) to recover the disc as an ISO image. This can then be re-burned to a better quality brand disc (ie Verbatim) using the ISO write mode of ImgBurn.

Hey y’all…I downloaded Isobuster Imgburn…ImgBurn did not finalize the discs…Isobuster extracted the info but I can only get video…no audio…There are also files missing…they were found but “error may occur”…in the extracted files, I have .tao and .ibq files…How do I convert them to .iso files or any video files for later viewing? Still hopeful,

If I remember correctly, you have to pay for IsoBuster before you can use the files it creates in the trial version. However you can try renaming the ‘.tao’ files to ‘.mpg’ and see if they will play in your computer DVD software, because they are the actual video content of the faulty DVD. If they do and all the footage is there (albeit spilt up into separate '.mpg’s), then you can reauthor a new DVD without the other ‘ibq’ etc files.

I would also recommend again that you try IsoPuzzle. It is not so straightforward to use but you can use different PC readers/writers to get info off part of the disc that the others won’t be able to.

If you have Nero 7, you could try finalizing in Nero vision 4, that is a DVD movie making software?

Within ImgBurn, you should do Close Track, then Close Session, then Close Disc (in that order).

If one of the previous stages hadn’t been completed, Close Disc could indeed fail.

If it still doesn’t work after that, even your PC drive can’t write to those discs properly!

Thanks for the clarification, LUK! :flower:

Thanks for the strategy…We’ll see what happens…bubbaG