Unfinalised DVDs with recorded TV shows

my friend recorded a bunch of TV from Japan with a standalone DVD recorder and sent me the DVDs, but i cant read any of them. i think he forgot to finalise the discs, after discussing it in a different thread here. although no one in that thread mentioned DVD decryptor, i read a few threads in other sections of this forum that DVD decryptor can finalise DVDs. would it be able to finalise the DVDs i have and finally allow access to the files on them or does it have to be done on the same comp that recorded the data???

im asking before trying because i dont have easy access to a DVD burner and i’d like to be confident before i set out to try to correct this problem, yet again… thanks

Nero will do it as well but you might want to make a extra copy or 2 as is before trying becuase if it messes up the disk will probably be unreadable after that. I tried with a couple that were recorded poorly and woudn’t finalise on my Panasonic machine and thats what happened to them. It might be fine as long as the recording has good quality. My machine has the Hard drive so it wasn’t a complete loss for me, just make another copy from the drive and finalise that one before deleting the original.

grrr! i didnt work this time either… i kept getting the “I/O Error … Interpretation: Media not present” message…"

im starting to think (again) that a DVD diagnostic type program is the only way to go on this one. if only i could find a decent free one…

Disk Juggler has a free demo and so so many others, poke around to see what seems to work for your problem. Maybe you’ll need your friend to take it back and redo it or finalise it to make your life easier. At least here in the US you can buy a decent dvd burner for 50 bucks or less on sale.