Unexpected problem: recording speed go down!




I have bought a benq dw1620 a week ago. All perfect, six minutes to record a dvd.
But since two days, need 1 hour to record a dvd, but speed recording shows 12x (verbatim 8x)…
what happens?
atapi.sys crash?
thanks in advance
Alf :sad:


Check DMA, should be UDMA 2.


I take it DMA is already on and it has been working fine the past week with the same media hmm…

The problems you describe have been reported by other owners here before but in some cases it was the drive that was faulty out of the box and for some it was a configuration error.

So all I can suggest is try a few of the following;

Uninstall the writer from the device manager and let windows reinstall it.

Re-flash B7P9 firmware to the drive.

Double check DMA is turned on in windows and in the bios.

Reinstall chipset drivers but not IDE drivers for NV or VIA chipsets .
(roll back to the MS ones)

Check the IDE connection and cable & try replacing it with another cable.

If you can test the writer in another computer with the same media to see if the problem persists if it does its most likely the drive is defective.

Try installing the adaptec ASPI layer.

Run memtest to check your computers RAM (a long shot but no harm trying)

Clear the motherboards bios and setup again or try flashing the latest bios to it.

I hope one of those helps cause that is a weird one for it to just stop working like that…


I change to dma if avalaible… remember… was udma 2…
but now it was selected pio only…
I have change again…

but until the dvd writing finish I cant reboot and test… 1/2 hour…

I’ll tell you later…


If windows change from UDMA to PIO, check you ide cable and use google to search for something about deleting an entry on windows registry that will make windows to redetect, some said simply deleting the IDE in control panel will do the same trick.

anyway, I had same problem when I had the LG 4040 and it turned out to be a bad IDE cable.


Just remove the IDE channel that the drive is on from device manager & restart.

This error was supposed to be fixed in SP2 (by resetting the transfer rate at each re-boot)


Thanks to all…
In this moment, I have change the drive, just in case was defective, after a format c:\ …
I am going to install XP SP2. I’ll inform to you.

Sorry for my english.