Unexpected exception error please help

Hi All
Sorry i don’t know if i am posting in the right spot or not, forgive me i am new to the forum and new to owning a dvd burner.

I have one question.
I have a sony DRU 800A dvd burner. I have Nero recode 2 that i just downloaded and AnyDVD. I also have DVD43.My problem is when i put the blank disk in to burn a movie Nero recode or anydvd is kicking the disk back out and giving me a failed message.All it says is unexpected exception and then asks if i want to save the log file.After that the program freezes up and i have to shut down and try again.I have tried it with diff movies and i get the same message for all of them. Can someone please tell me what i am doing wrong and what the message means.It doesnt give a help option when it fails either.
Hope i left enough info for you to help me

Thx again Char7722

DVD43 is crap. uninstall it.
shutdown anydvd and any other uneeded programs before you put the dvd in.
what program gives you the error message ?