"undoing" iHAS124 B to iHAS122 B crossflash



Hello guys

I have a question: I bought a iHAS122 B again (believe me, here in Brazil is still possible to find it again, just have to look far), but the store without questioning me, did crossflash the recorder to iHAS124 B (ok, I know the 124 is faster, use to backup Xbox, etc.), but I would like to revert to the original model (iHAS122 B). I don’t have Xbox :bigsmile:

I got the firmware, but it is from the official patcher Lite-on.

Someone could dump file of the original firmware it (any version)? I already know the crossflash procedure, backup of EEPROM, Firmware, etc… I read and researched in c0deguys site a lot, but only found the original firmware iHAS122 8.

Can you help me?

Thank you!


I do not understand why you want to go back to OEM LiteOn iHAS 122 B intended for manufacturers of computer kits.
Certainly soft for LiteOn iHAS 124 B , I have a few firmware to this version and how can I find some time I can put on a server.


The warranty here is with distributor, not store, and I need warranty for this drive. Sorry about no mention of this “issue”.

The distributor only accepts firmware update, but not crossflash. Its the reason for “downgrade”.

I have OneDrive, Dropbox, PCloud and Mega.co.nz account. If you can put the files there i thank you so much. Only tell me where i need to send the link of my cloud drive.


Now everything is clear \ link to the firmware sent to PM


[QUOTE=czary2mary1;2769778]Now everything is clear \ link to the firmware sent to PM[/QUOTE]

Many, many thanks czary2tomary1 !!!


I did crossflash back to iHAS122 B and mysteriously the drive come back read media… the strange thing is that the drive recognized on the computer, but do not read anything, burn… NOTHING!!! It’s the reason to “downgrade” to send it to supplier… :Z

Even having used the “Repair EEPROM” on EEPROM Utility and it does not accusing errors… :confused:

Did crossflash and now he’s reading … what will be the store did wrong? You suggest me to do some upgrade (iHAS322, iHAS522 / iHAS324, iHAS524) or, as he worked as iHAS122 B, keep it that way?

Thank you and i post the tests soon!

Cheers from Brazil!


What the exact date of production of this drive?

PLDS DH24ABSH part of the structure of the production in 2012 probably has another harware - incompatible with other structures and only works with all software-only base model.
I met with DH16ABSH \ DH16ABLH with 2012 hardware REV.71 that as your drive after crossflash does not work even though the same process goes smoothly …
Photo harware REV.01 \ REV.71


I take up to put a test I did with him … correct me if I post wrong, please, because I want to start contributing to the tests and show how bad are the media sold in Brazil is an example…

Here, i used a HP DVD-R 16x sold here in paper sleeve with logo. About BRL 1.99 (approx. US$ 0.49)… i burn this disc using Over-speed and 20x speed. I use over speed normally, but with CMC discs NEVER… and with iHAS122 B isn’t different.

The recording quality degrades long after the speed exceeded 16x … with higher quality media I use high speeds, but in this case (CMC MAG. AM3), never … I usually do not buy, but decided to buy 2 for to test with the recorder.

Thank you again and now, i will add the iHAS122 B to my “army”.



This drive is from a December, 2010 production batch… here in Brazil, in some occasions, we found “old” stock from various IT products… normally this products are arrested by customs on import process and sold after by Government to suppliers via bids. I bought this drive by BRL 25.00 (approx. US$ 7).


I believe the store made some “crap” we will never know the time of crossflash… well it’s working now…

Thank you so much again!


If in December 2010 in LiteOn iHAS122 B should be REV.01 hardware and theoretically there should be no problem with crossflash to LiteOn ihas 124 B or other structures PLDS DH24ABxx …


Well… i need to send it to supplier for exchange… isn’t burning -RW or +RW discs, neither +R DL discs… tested my discs and burns done on my iHAS122 A… certainly is a faulty drive…


Well… received my new drive… now, i received a “old new” iHAS124 B (model iHAS124 B)… on weekend i install it and test it.