Undo MP3Gain?


Up to now I’ve been keeping all my MP3s in a single folder sorted by the date they were created.

That worked well for me, because usually the songs I’m most interested in listening to are the the ones I’ve most recently added to my MP3 collection.

Well, a few weeks ago I decided to try MP3Gain to “normalize” the volume levels of all my MP3s. (It didn’t work. :frowning: Apparently my hand-me-down MP3 player is too primitive to utilize the volume settings that MP3Gain adjusts).

Now all my MP3s have the same date (the date on which I tried to normalize the volume settings) so I can no longer sort them by the date they were created.

Is there any way I can get that creation date data back to the way it was before I tried MP3Gain?

AFAIK, not unless you ticked ‘Preserve date/time’ in Options tab…
Try that next time, and most importantly make a backup of the originals in-case you mess up the editing or the player is having trouble reading the tag info…You could always re-tag them manually…
Did you try ‘Undo Gain change’ ?

I think the ‘Date Created’ is probably unchanged and that the ‘Date Modified’ is the one that changed. Open the MP3 directory in Windows Explorer and I’ll bet the date column shown will be the ‘Date Modified’. Right click next to the date column and you should be able to add the ‘Date Created’ column, which should still contain the original date.

Mission accomplished!

Thanks olyteddy!