Ok, spit it out…how many can you fit on your head?

Ill say one…and that was the one three breasted alien wearing The Perfect Thong in Dr Gee’s signature

rfjr23, you’re so romantic!

undies ??what are they :stuck_out_tongue:

Undies are what your significant other wears, when you aren’t around. Keeps the wang in :wink:

oh them… well personaly i dont wear them :smiley:

I guess you are then impervious to all those genius marketting ideas that are behind pantyliner ads :stuck_out_tongue:

lol :wink:

im not

/me falls off my chair laughing.
/me thinks it’s time to crawl to bed.
/me hates getting up for work in the morning.

define “underwear” I can wear more things on my head than corsettes…then again…define head…lol

bump :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ll get a cold where it hurts most, lass.