Underwear Goes Inside The Pants

Now… I’m a black metaller, but this song speaks reality, how it is. I reccomend you listen to it. I assume some of you have heard it before, on the radio probably.

It’s sung by Lazyboy. It has funny elements, but it is still a serious song. After listening to it, post comments about it here. Listen to the lyrics…

Artist: Lazyboy
Album: Lazyboy TV
Song: Underwear Goes Inside The Pants

Here’s a paragraph which made me think of you guys :wink:

Sometimes you have to suffer a little bit in your youth
to motivate yourself to succeed in later life.
Do you think if Bill Gates got laid in high school,
do you think there’d be a Microsoft?
Of course not.
You got to spend a long time in your own locker with your underwear
shoved up your ass before you start to think,
“You’ll see. I’m going to take of the world of computers! I’ll show them.”

I thought this thread was about diaper.

diapers…ken…too many diapers change for you