Post your understatements regarding CdFreaks/forum in this topic :slight_smile:


I think there’s some interest in cd recording devices around here.

It isn’t very easy to use VirtualDub, but for a little money you can purchase Cinema Craft Encoder.

There are a few posts in the Quest for the Longest thread.

cdfreaks sure does have a lotta members
mr belvedere sure does have a lotta posts
life is sure funny sometimes

I like this place.
The Starforce copy protection is hard to deal with.
Dr Ruth of #cdfreaks-int, is a popular person around here.
Plextors are decent audio rippers.

Sligtly OT.
Mr.B, loves to split lemons. :slight_smile:

Sometimes Mr Belvedere is slightly upset…

BeeR _DoG once in a while enjoys a beer and a Danish HoT_DoG…

Sexy_Southern writes a note…

gene only farts a little, when he have a pint of Guiness.
Some even call him a guineass-pig :iagree:

vdk has a weird way of flirting…

Isadore really spends too much time posting and needs to find an avatar…

Da_Taxman is evil…by the way hes so NOT evil(BWAHAHAHAHAHA) at least not evil like me…:smiley: he just has power here in the fourm…

There isn’t enough women on cdfreaks

Does it really matter if i bought fake Taiyo Yuden media?

Wow there are people from all over the world in this forum.

SS is sexy. Wendy is hot. :slight_smile:

I am perfectly normal

this is a cd site…i want some serial numbers…

7 post per day (average) isn’t that many…

Michael Jackson loves kids…

30 oC is very cool…


I don´t sing that good.

I fart just a little bit when I´ve been drinking Guiness.

I don´t sing that good when I been drinking Guiness.

I like singing when I´m drinking Guiness.

My gf tells me to be quiet when I sing.

Women can multi task :bow:

Men always THINK they are correct :rolleyes:

You never know how much you miss it till its gone :iagree:

The voices in my head will never stop talking.

Everybody loves pickles!!

I live on and