Understanding Raid0

I don’t know anything about raid and from my understanding u can run 2 hard drives and split the information and ur write and read will be faster! Correct? I currently own a 150 GB VelociRaprtor (main use gaming) and I can get a 300 GB Veloci for 199 at newegg right now! I have a couple of questions 1 can I run raid 0 with a drive and os already installed? 2 can I run a 150 GB and 300GB in raid 0 ( does raid0 only let me use 150gb for each drive or will it read the total amount 450gb?) 3 will this be smart to try out? 4 would it be better to run 2 segate cuddas in raid0 cause I heard somewhere that there faster in Raid0 and which ones? 5 or would it be better to run 2 640gb WD. Please send any advice cause I only have one day till the deal is over. I know I’ll be posting back after u guys help me decide, to figure out how to set it up! So thank you for ur time and if these r stupid questions I do appologize in advance! Again thank you for ur time!

I wish the old setup was here CDFREAKS, Im really having a hard time with the new setup is there a way to get the old vesion (Forums and searching).

When you RAID 0 two drives, only the smallest will be taken as a reference for the striped array. So in your case with the two Velociraptors you have, only 150GB of the 300GB drive will be used. It may be better buying two WB Black instead of the extra VR 300 GB. Keep in mind, RAID 0 is dangerous, as if one drive fails you will lose all data on the array. You will also need to reinstall Windows on the array, as when you create the RAID array, all data will be lost.

If its speed you’re looking for, and don’t need huge capacity, a Single Gen2 SSD will be much faster when compared to any HDD RAID array, you could get an OCZ Agility 120GB SSD, for the same price as that WD VR 300GB.

Thank you for the feedback, needed that info!