Understanding NeroDigital, MP4, Streaming

My goal is to create some videos that I will upload to my web site, and anyone will be able to watch using video streaming.

When I use Nero Recode, it creates an MP4 file. When I open this file, the OS (XP) doesn’t know what to do with it. If I drag the file to the Windows media player, the video will view fine. Also, if I tell XP that .mp4 files should be opened with Windows Media Player, then I can double click on the file and have it play.

If I put it on the web, and open it (with IE), it will first download the entire file before playing it in windows media player.

Here’s the clip:


Can someone explain:

  1. Why doesn’t XP recognize this file type right off the bat?
  2. Will this run on anyone’s computer, or do they need a Nero codec?
  3. Why won’t the file stream from the web site.

Also, please tell me what happens when you try to view the above clip.