Understanding legal issues on Copies?

Can I get ideas from other members on legal issues please, just encase!:cop:

(1) I see it is illegal to hire a movie and copy it in the USA and UK, is that the same in other countries like Australia and NZ?

(2) Is it legal to copy only the dvds you own?

(3) Is it then legal to copy a friends dvd?

(4) What about CD’s? Is it the same as for DVD’s?

interested in your thought?

Assuming that you are talking about dvds with copyright movies on them-

  1. It’s illegal to copy a dvd that you don’t own everywhere.

  2. It’s legal in some countries to make a back-up copy of a dvd that you own. However, it’s illegal to make a copy even of a dvd that you own in some countries (e.g. Australia and the UK).

  3. It’s illegal to copy a friend’s dvd unless you are making the copy for him/her and not retaining any copy yourself.

  4. Insofar as cds are concerned, it depends upon whether you’re referring to programs, audio or video and also upon which country you’re in. However, the basic rule that applies everywhere to copyright material is that if you don’t own a licensed original, it’s illegal for you to copy it! :cop:

And in countries such as the USA, even though it’s legal to make a backup of a DVD you own, it’s ILLEGAL to break the copy protection in order to make the copy.

So does that mean its legal to break the copy protection in other countries?:confused:
Or is the software that can do all these things illegal?:confused: