Understanding CloneDVD2

I’ve downloaded AnyDVd ( and CloneDVD2 ( and have been trying to get a handle on how everything works. I’ve read the manual and tutorial more than once but for me it’s a little harder than Shrink to get in a groove with, but I want to learn. I backed up Sin City using “Copy DVD Titles” selected the “Main Title” and “Behind the Scenes” and and chose to “Preserve Menus”, this gave me a bar reading of 49%. I went on to the next screen and selected the Audio and Subtitle settings and now the bar reads 63%. Are these two bar readings separate for the Video and then Audio and Subtitles or is the second reading for the total compression for the whole disc? I backed this up using Shrink for the entire disc and it was 61.9% so I hope I’m not supposed to compare this to CloneDVD2’s 49%?

Also when you get to the Output Method screen where it says " Enter the name of the ISO/UDF image file to be created" why doesn’t it read it and fill it in like Shrink? Why do you have to fill it in for every disc, or maybe I’m missing something here.

Another question or two, when I selected the Main Title as above plus a Behind the Scenes title I chose to preserve the menus, but what would have happened if I hadn’t. Would the Main Title have played clear through and then the Behind The Scenes would have started or how does that work?

I know this is a DVDClone thread but in AnyDVD under “Navigation” when you check to remove annoying adverts and trailors you have a choice of jumping to Main Movie or Title Menu does choosing either of these just pertain to watching via PowerDVD or does this affect what Clone does?

Hi there and welcome to this forum. I am sure with a bit of time you will grow to be pretty comfortable with CloneDVD2/AnyDVD.

The first point with the different %'s is due to the fact that when you select the Titles to copy, Clone is still working with all the audio tracks - when you get to the next screen, it is only taking into account what audio tracks you have selected - so the 63% is roughly what you’ll get.

For you second question on naming ISO/UDF image file - that is just how CloneDVD2 works I guess - but you can also just click on DVD writer.

Thirdly, yes I guess it would just play the video titles in order with no menu’s.

Fouthly, the option in AnyDVD to remove annoying adverts only works when watching the DVD - it does not matter to CloneDVD2.

Hope this helps you - and I am sure I have answered some of these questions wrong, but don’t someone will correct me soon enough!!

Minor correction: AnyDVD affects everything. However, if you do not preserve menus the advert setting in AnyDVD does not matter as CloneDVD no longer uses the play order from the original disc.

So you’re saying the second bar reading is the correct compression reading for the whole disc, glad to hear that. The reason I miss not having (Like Shrink) Clone read the disc on the Output screen is because I usually will backup several dvds at a time and make ISO’s and then go back later and burn them all. If I don’t label the ISO’s I assume it won’t let me backup more than one at a time besides the fact I couldn’ tell them apart. It just seems like it just should do that.

I guess what I was asking about AnyDVD is if you set it to “jump directly to the movie” (under Navigation) when you burn it to dvd will it go right into the movie when the dvd is inserted? And vice versa when setting it to “jump to title menu”. Is this setting on AnyDVD affecting how it plays after the dvd is burnt or does this even have anything to do with it?

Also I answered my own question about putting on two titles without preserving the menus, it goes straight into the second title when the main is done. It almost seems like you should preserve the menu if using more than one title unless of course menus take up alot of space and I guess I don’t know that yet.

If you click the “preserve menu” checkbox, CloneDVD will immediately show you the change in quality bar.
In case you decide to remove the menus, you can still navigate to multiple titles with the remote of your player. Just select a different title, it will start playing immediately.

Okay thanks! I hope when Ollie does the next update he will consider having Clone read the disc and enter the name of the ISO/UDF image file to be created automatically like Shrink.

I have another question, is there any way to burn a copy of a dvd that’s already been processed or one that doesn’t need any processing (will fit on dvd) without putting it on the hardrive first? I have two burners and I occasionally use Nero and burn from one dvd to another (at a very low speed), can Clone do this?

Also is there somewhere you can leave suggestions for Ollie concerning future updates?

You can, use the third option and browse to your other drive, (Source, DVD Movie Files)

Thanks Bj I would have never figured that out.

It is recommended to rip to HDD first, then copy from there.