Underruns? HELP!

I just purchased a Cendyne/Verbatim 32x12x40 to replace my Yamaha 2200ez. My cdrom is a Sony 52x (audio 29x), using Nero 5.5.9… I get the orange light quite often while coping audio cds on the fly, I get a few also while coping data cds the same way. Is this normal for on the fly recording? Never had that problem with the Yamaha (that I know of). If I uncheck on the fly I get no orange light. I’m guessing that the cdrom could keep up with the Yamaha but not the Verbatim. Any suggestions on how to copy data or audio? Config is IDE 1: HDD 0 master, HDD 1 slave: IDE 2 Sony cdrom master, Verbatim cdrw slave. DMA is checked, system is running a FBS of 140, 384 MB DDR2100, Athalon xp1800 but showing 1900… Thanks Jerry

My previous CD-ROM was a Sony 52X also. It barely did 40X in Nero CD Speed. If DMA is already enabled you might want to try a slower burning speed.

I take it this drive doesnt support simulation burns either?

Mine did. CDU-5221. Sim in Nero, CloneCD and EZCD Cremator. As long as your software supports sim then the drive should do it.That 52X was not 52X though. But set the writer to a slower speed.

Thinking of taking the sony back and ordering a Liteon LTD 163

Have you run the CDSpeed tests on the drive? It’ll tell you what you need to know.

deerchaser, I suggest you move the CD-ROM to primary slave and the secondary hard drive to secondary slave and install the burner as secondary master. That should solve the on-the-fly CD copy data starving problem.

Also as rdgrimes said, test to make sure the CD-ROM can feed the CD-RW fast enough.

No matter what arrangement you select, if you want good performance, make sure the devices that talk to each other are on different channels.


Be careful with that LTD-163, I find mine painfully slow for DAE with some programs [EAC to be exact]. DAE is fine with all my other programs though. From what I have read in these forums, it’s also not the best choice for copy protected audio backups. otherwise a good all around performer and has no problems delivering the rated 48X speed.
IDE drive setup is always a compromise. While moving the CD-ROM to the Primary Slave position might resolve the copy on the fly issue, you will also sustain a system wide performance hit when both drives on the Primary controller communicate. I might not be all that noticable plus your writer on the Secondary Master can be substituted in those instances. Use the setup that best suit your needs. All good advice.

I took the Sony out and replaced it with my Yamaha 20x12x40 (2200ez) and I was able to burn on the fly with the Verbatim at 32x. I did get 2 orange lights but the read buffer never dropped below 99% and the record buffer 97%. I would rather leave the HDD chained together. Thanks for your help. Which is a better burner, the Yamaha or the Verbatim/liteon? The yammy has 8mb buffer, is the really important?

with newer inovations like SmartBurn and read buffers like Nero uses, there is really no nead for a larger drive buffer.

Very smart deerchaser, slaveing a cdrom to a disk drive will only slow the disk down because it will no longer be in 32 bit access mode but the 16 bit access mode that cdroms use.