UnderEase Undergarment w/ Flatulence Filter for $25

Saw this on one of the bargain sites I frequent and thought some may have a use …


Under-Tec.com offers its new UnderEase Undergarment with Flatulence Filter :eek: for $24.95. With $4 for shipping. Available in sizes XS to XXL, these “unique” undergarments feature a replaceable flatulence filter that, well, filters flatulence :o . Complete the customer satisfaction survey to get an additional filter for free. Of note, the older Gas Eaters Undergarments, with a non-replaceable filter, are $11.95.

OMG!!! $20 says if I forward this to my wife, I know what I’ll be getting for Father’s Day! :o

Maybe she wants to tame that Hurricane down to a Tropical Depression? :wink:

wow, it has filter too
that filter prolly get clogged up after a few minutes of wear :slight_smile:

I don’t know if that’s possible :bigsmile:

OMG I just sharted thinking about it, fer sure.

I bet if they had rebates it would be a pain in the gas to collect on it. LOL

That’s the seller of this product :clap: No way should one be without :bigsmile:

Yup. If only they had a sound deadening device as well just like noise cancellation headphones or something.

that filter prolly get clogged up after a few minutes of wear :slight_smile:
Just a few minutes? Bah! You don’t have a White Castle where you live do you? :wink:

The best comment I have seen about this product:

“definitely not something you want to buy refurb” :slight_smile:

Depends to the product I had bought refurb product (Scanner, Router, and Printer) that never had any trouble and turn out to be better than expected.

What a combo special The Flatulence Filter and Toot Tunes would make

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouijWZtRCRA :iagree: :bigsmile:

I’m not going to buy it unless it has a selective flatulent filter… Being a corporate slave, I’m pretty much a cashier (managment cashiering to cut costs). Just yesterday, I let one rip (hangover fart, kind of nasty), and its like, these customers are ass holes, let e’m smell it all, and then this totallyhot chick gets in my line,… I was so embarrassed (about staring at her tits while she was distracted by the nasty smell), and anyway, I think she bought that it was the previous customer, and she was kind enough to, flirt (slut) and bend over and show the rack (one thing you learn in retail, most women dont realise, when they bend over to sign a card slip or write a check, you show it all (i’m kind of tall).