Underburning - 16x = 8x?

I recently burnt a dvd with my LiteOn SHM-6s drive and I selected 16x burn. However, the burn rate never got past 8.2X. Any idea why?

Also on a 12x select it also maxed out at 8.2x. When I burn at 8X it stays right at 8x.

BTW: I am using IMGburn.

Did you burn a full disc?

Can you try this:

Download and run CD-DVD Speed, and use the Create Disc tab to burn a disc with it. That will give us a clear picture of what’s happening during the burn.

Preferably, burn the same content that you were burning with ImgBurn. :wink:

Edit: don’t forget to save and post the Create Disc graph when it’s done, forgot that :wink:

I think I just made a data-disc? Does this help?

What you see is normal. The drive starts reading/writing at 6.6x, and hits its maximum speed only at the outermost part of the disc, all the while spinning at a constant RPM. If your data doesn’t take up the full disc, you will never see the data rate reach the full 16x speed. This method is called CAV, Constant Angular Velocity, and is just about the only method used these days to reach these super-fast speeds without having to try to break every law of physics. :flower:

BTW: that’s a very nice burn result. :clap:

The DVDs I have been burning and testing have been 4400MB. With IMGburn I am staying at a write rate of 8.2 even when I select 12X and 16X. Any idea why it does that?

  1. your media is not the best, no writestrategy for that hi-speeds
  2. the source cannot deliver the content fast enough
  3. problematic or wrong setup/drivers

Where are the DVDs to be burned stored?

If they’re on the same IDE channel as the burner , like on a second HDD, or on a USB HDD then I’d expect that the burns might be slower.

The other thing is disc fragmentation. This can significantly impact the burn speeds.

I believe they are being stored on the same IDE channel. They are one are my original harddrive. I will try a disc defrag.

I will post a few scans here, In order are four burns from 16x, 12x, 8x, and 4x. The best burn was the 16x? Is this normal?