Under Seattle, a Big Object Blocks Bertha. What Is It?

Something unknown, engineers say — and all the more intriguing to many residents for being unknown — has blocked the progress of the biggest-diameter tunnel-boring machine in use on the planet, a high-tech, largely automated wonder called Bertha.

Ok some of you must know what do there so tell me. The people at CDfreaks knows everything.

They shouldn’t poke the sleeping Godzilla! :disagree:

Just an alien war machine waiting for its pilots. No worries.

Spacecraft that crashed 10,000 years ago

Kerry stole my answer

As Her Fluffyness would say:

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[QUOTE=Kerry56;2713874]As Her Fluffyness would say:

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I am hoping they find a gasoline car that is 10,000 years old that would sure cause people to rethink things. It could be one of these

Huge tunnel borer Bertha stopped by simple steel pipe in Seattle

so bad nothing but a steel pipe and one that had not been down there long. I was hoping for something a lot better than that.

And apparently it had been put there to see if the project was feasible!

[QUOTE=olyteddy;2715641]And apparently it had been put there to see if the project was feasible![/QUOTE]
It’s even better than that.

…In a news release Friday, officials said the location of the pipe was included in materials provided to the contractor on the $1.4 billion tunnel project, Seattle Tunnel Partners…


Of course the contractor did not read the materials ahead of time and more tax money will be spent for the time wasted.