Under run Error

I just started getting this error and i hope someone here has a fix.

" Invalid Field in CDB - Possibly of buffer underrun "

I already tryed different cds and slow, slowest speeds and it didn t help so any ideas our there ! - thanks . . .

Where are the experts here?

Well, I would first look at things that may be easy to fix.

If it’s really an underrun there are several possibilities.

Your IDE controller could be in PIO mode. You can see that by using Device Manager and looking at the IDE channel that your drive is attached to.

Maybe a badly fragmented hard drive could also cause this.

Also a CPU that’s running very busy.

You can see what kind of throughput you are getting by running the burst rate test in CDspeed. Click on the Benchmark tab. You could also try burning a test disc by clicking on the Create Disk tab.