Under Milk Wood!

Oooh! A boring story written by an uncouth alcoholic … now relates directly to the my life …

Not the alcoholic … the story.
And I’m not talking about teenage girls getting naked and circling their nipples with lipstick (unfortunately) to tease the parish priest, nor the 40yr old women reminiscing about getting jiggy with multiple blokes in the barnyard.
I’m referring more to the dreams of the village milkman … pouring his churns of milk into the river and complaining that there’s too much milk in the mixture.

The last bastion (large company) that bottles milk here has recently thinned the milk so much it’s like water. I’ve always complained hat milk in the city tasted like water … but now they’ve bested themselves.

They’ve suddenly added the new seal to the top (to seal the freshness) I guess so that they can ship them overseas, and watered the milk down, to at least 1/2 of the previous creaminess. It’s not skim milk, but it now has no taste or texture.

Has this happened anywhere else?
And how peeved were you when it happened?

Or are you a skim milk drinker?

If I liked the “taste” of skim milk, I’d just buy a regular carton of milk, drink it, and then keep refilling it with tap water. Skim milk has all the “taste” of a re-used milk carton filled with tap water… only not as good. :doh:

I used to drink whole milk, but I’ve gotten used to the low-fat milk (1.5%).

They have something called mini-milk here now that’s 0.5% fat. It’s getting more popular.

There less and less reason to cry over spilt milk, I guess?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ouch! I drink semi-skimmed, and it’s always tasted OK…certainly doesn’t taste like skimmed milk (I’d know about it, I drank skimmed milk for years).

You should get your own cow :bigsmile:

i’ve never liked milk. even when i was a kid i wouldn’t touch chocolate milk. my parents had to mix milk with sugar to get me to drink from a bottle as a baby. gross gross gross stuff.

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I like milk with tea, and with cereal. But that’s it. Drinking it by itself - no no no. :disagree:

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But I don’t know what all this has to do with milk :bigsmile:

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But I don’t know what all this has to do with milk :bigsmile:
Me neither, but it will all become clear once we get to Mordor! :iagree:

…wait a minute - that’s a different thread! :doh:

Dammit…Debro is right (much as I hate to say it about an Aussie…but at least I´m no longer in the same hemisphere)

Yeah…I love(d) milk…but I half-fear that a glass of REAL milk would make me chuck now, it´s been so long…(like a few other things!)
I also noticed that my 4 year old daughter gets 0.5%fat milk…I´m not at all happy about that!!! I think Mama thinks it´s normal…even healthy :doh:

I don’t actually drink milk anymore… don’t really like the taste of the stuff from the supermarket. I usually drink soy milk now as I prefer the taste - not for any kind of health reason.

However, I do remember having milk right at the farm when I was young - still warm at times. That always tasted great :iagree:

I’m not a big fan of reduced fat, reduced calorie food at all - I prefer the real thing. I still use butter rather than margarine, full fat cream and yogurt in cooking rather than the “light” alternatives :bigsmile: Tastes so much better :iagree:

Milk = yuck

Never did like it even as a kid, I can tolerate chocolate milk though but only if I have to.

i got dared to drink a carton of chocolate soya milk and i thought a half full can of beer with cigarette ash tasted bag how wrong was i :doh:

My whole Family (and relatives ) enjoy Full Cream Fresh Milk :cool:
The Dairy farms in the Eastern Cape (the area where I live in RSA)
use pure-bread holstein-Friesian.
A few Dairy farmers sell there milk to some shops ,you take tour own container to fill up.
My DAD is 84 he has a glass of milk and a slab of chocolate every night before bed :clap:
The best thing is to go to the Fridge and take a swig of milk from milk bottle :o
:eek: cant reprimand kids for doing it they caught MoM :bigsmile:

Ps Hot chocolate & milo nice drink for cold nights.
Our cows have not been committed to any asylum`s yet :wink: