Is there any way that the data which was deleted from hard disk cannot be undeleted?

i’ve always used this program: http://www.geocities.jp/br_kato/ and i love it. it’s installation free so you can even put it on a removeable drive if you travel a lot.

uh if your using a pre xp os you can go into cmd and type

undelete [file path]


recover [file path]


The original poster asks how he can make sure that deleted data is not recoverable and you provide answers that should help him recover the data?

There are programs that can accomplish this. The data must be deleted and the sectors that contained the information have to be overwritten a few times.

Be aware though that there are very powerfull data recovery tools out there… Simple tools may fool the average computer user, but if someone really sets his mind to it (e.g. FBI), they can accomplish alot.

Best is to use a extra ide controller, connect the drive to it, format is random times using that controller (BIOS). Viola!

I’m well aware of the question and of what I suggested. the program i suggested does BOTH and is install-free which is a plus for covering your tracks on shared/public computers.

you run it after deletion of a file then if ithe file shows up as recoverable yoo can delete it permanently through the program’s menu.

program description from the website:

Restore files which are deleted from the recycle bin by mistake. Conversely, delete files completely.