Any of you guys seen this site? pretty funny stuff just like wikipedia (only more factual ofcourse :wink: )

“As far as I can tell, a CD is some kind of shiny plate with a hole in the middle.”

~ Oscar Wilde on CD

I love the site and their Oscar Wilde crap! :slight_smile:

Dont forget to play Zork

All hail this user

CD’s (Castable Disks, named after their first uses as frisbees invented by AOL)

Hahahaha :bigsmile:

"Ninjas just might be more awesome than me. But Not Quite. "
~ Oscar Wilde on Ninjae

Ninja (pl. Ninjae) is the common Japanese term for a group of intentionally badass martial artists with a complete dominion over all things totally sweet who specialize in killing people, flying, and burger/pizza/magazine delivery, which they do 24/7, and have also been known to mysteriously show up several hours before the burger/pizza/magazine was even ordered, with your condiments. The physical possibility of this is proven by the Uncertainty Principle.

OMFG…that’s the funniest site I’ve seen for ages!!
Clearly, I am going to get fired from work when my boss find out I’ve done nothing but read uncyclopedia all afternoon. :eek:

Of course not! It’s a encyclopedia! I use it as my default search engine in Firefox search bar. I of course use the short command g in my adress-bar to search, but that is irrelevant. What is relevant is William Shatner


~ Oscar Wilde on Khan

Laughed, my, ass, off… at, Shatman.

Incredibly I still have a job, and plan to search all topics vaguely relating to my work tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Start with the two cows series.

Laughed my ass off at that too - but found the entry on chemistry that describes my job perfectly…
Copied that one to my boss, who has spent the last two hours on the site too. :slight_smile: