Uncopywriting alcohol 120 %

I was wondering is there any dvd - pc roms that are, or can be flashed to remove copy protection, as well as region free?? I am interested in buying one if so. I bought a dvd stand alone unit for my home that has been modified to have copy protection/region free removed, so that I can archive my purchased dvds onto a vhs tape if needed. I own Alcohol 120% and it will not let me make backups to my hard drive of movies that are copy protected, even though I own them, so My thought is to get a dvd pc drive that removes the protection, so I may archive my purchased dvd movies onto my new 200 gig drive, any info is greatly appreciated, or as an alternative, is there anyway to modify my alcohol 120% to not see the copy protection in my movies so I may make backups?? thanks augie


Do a search for DVD Decrypter and or Smartripper. You use these programs to make HardDrive backups of your DVD. They remove the region code and the Macroprotection.