Uncopyable zeus game?



I have the original Zeus, and an image which both work perfectly, my problem comes when I try and make an actual backup of the game. clony says it’s using securom new

okay, fine, I have tried the various copys using blindwrite, cloncd, alcohol, and all of them just make coasters. I have set the settings thru both clony and alcholer and neither works. :a

Am starting to get sick of making coasters here… please, can someone help me??:bow:

P.S. I am able to make perfect copies of securom new 4.71.etc with no problem, and have never come across any other that I had this much trouble with.

I have a memorex 48x12x48 that, acording to clonecd’s website, gets 2 sheep for everything, and an older acer 8x4x32.