Uncopyable DVD?

Hello all it is my first time posting on the forum however I am no stranger to copying cd/dvd’s. I have a Sony DRU-820A DVD ± RW and a Memorex 52MAXX 2452AJ (I’ve been told its a “rebaged” lite-on). Anyway I have copied many of the DL dvds I own to single layer so that i can put the originals up and just use the copies. However I have a new dvd that no matter what i try, I can not copy it. I have used dvd decrypter, Any Dvd (latest version), and CloneDVD2. I have also downloaded some “dvd scanners” that didn’t help. I have never had this much trouble with a dvd before. Any help would be appreciated, Thank you

What is the “new dvd” that you are having trouble with.

the dvd is called “fleshbacks”

Ok, a little more detailed information needed; please give a short description of your process, ie…, using the Sony as source, with AnyDVD running in background, and then opening CloneDVD…

Are you getting any error codes in the preview window of Clone?

actually its exactly as you described in you post. I have anydvd running the the background, with the sony as my source, an then of course opening cloneDVD. The error always occurs at the same sector at 33% and the after skipping that particular file, it happens again down the line at about 80% something.

The error only error that i get is a “cyclic redundancy Check” i guess thats the read error and then in the details it says “File 1 E:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_3.VOB 23 TCSectorReader”

Whenever I get those messages I just use the ripit4me method and works like a charm

one word, wow! lol it worked just like you said it would but for some reason during the rip i was getting I/O errors. I just clicked retry and then if went right through the error. Ok now that i got it on my computer, in the dvd dir, there are a lot of “Backup of the IFO” files in there, however when i move/delete them the dvd will not load correctly in nero showtime or in dvd shrink.

Try DVDFab Platinum or DVDFab Decrypter (latest versions so far). They may help.

I would like to see these .ifo files. I am checking this movie as I was not aware it existed until now. “Fleshbacks” Is this disc region 1? Is it Wide Screen?

I agree dvd fab is fab however the last version fell at the recent hurdle of copying “little man” DVD, Not sure it may be a bad copy, I have just downloaded the latest version and it is still going, wish me luck. I have been stuck at 52% FOR THE LAST 10 MINS.

I have had trouble burning Sony DVDS (yes actually Little Man) and Columbia Pictures Latest movies, “Gridiron Gang” and “Open Season”

Though I only have dvd Decrypter and DVD Shrink. I’ll try DVD Fab now.

Sony DVDs are a pain, seems like they’re always upgrading their copy protection. Try AnyDVD, preferrably the latest version you can get your hands on. AnyDVD seems to always keep up with the Sony copy protection upgrades. Good luck.

The only DVD called “Fleshbacks” that I’m aware of is an adult title. Adult titles often have mastering errors due poor, non-compliant authoring and poor glass mastering. I suggest ripping the title with DVD Decrypter set to “Ignore Read Errors” in I/O.