Uncopy file

Hi all

Some times
we copy cds and when we try to copy files as copy and past some files can’t copy
MY last try with video file can’t copy from cd to the HD
Can we make file uncopy by any way and any Prog??
Can we edit the bin file or img file by HEX editor and make the files uncopy ??


:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Errr. sure ?

thanks Mr. Belvedere

I am sure it’s a n error

But the file is working correctly and I want to say can we make this error to the imag

I make the image with CDRWIN 4.0 And make protect with winlock that is put dummy tracks to the image(bin) by cuesheet

and when I burn the bin I could not copy it from the cd to the HD but it’s work!!!

I think Mr. Belvedere is saying he doesn’t understand what you are saying… I don’t understand either.

The guy wants to make his Movie file uncopyable to the harddrive, yet still viewable.

Try a Search on “protect you own Cds”