Unconfirmed report- PS3 production begins?

I just posted the article Unconfirmed report- PS3 production begins?.

Here we
have another translated report from the Chinese newspaper, The Commercial Times.
In this story from over at Next Generation, they are reporting that the paper says,…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12116-Unconfirmed-report--PS3-production-begins.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12116-Unconfirmed-report--PS3-production-begins.html)

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No they are doing what Microsoft did but earlier and that is make enough supply for “potential” demand. Xbox 360 started i believe in Augest or September but they lacked enough supply for 6 months after the initial release. Sony is starting sooner and will hopefully have enough by that time to meet demands (if there is much). Also you got to figure in production is not always super fast because there will be defective products in the line lets just hope Sony has better quality control then Microsoft.

If they started production then: They just learned from Microsoft that’s all… The learned that they need more time to have enough supply…

Yup rule number like 3 of buisness learn from your competition’s mistake.

well i dont care if they produce millions i for one aint buying anything with $ony on it again i aint the type who forgets and forgives the people at $ony rant over

@ CORRSA The funny thing is on your comment is that you won’t be buying Sony again. I don’t blame you Yamaha and JVC fan here myself. But what if the Sony format wins and there is no alternative this mean you’ll never rent a sony produced movie ect…? Sony use to be top of the line it is now more like Sony products are about as good as emerson or phillips which really suck.

i am already in line waiting for my PS3… hey guys, I will have 2 PS3 on ebay for 1500$??? :slight_smile:

Heheheh! Seems like Asustek is a bit upset over the reports like this one. They have a gag order out against employees and will fire those that disobey it! So, looks like this is no rumor.
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Hope they pack some extra spare laser heads into the package. :+ The 1st PS2 serie badly needed that. (not to mention the slims…) regards, Stephen

Am I the only one not excited? The PS3 can die for all I care.