Uncompromising data integrity and reliability

Did a few dvds for my sister before christmas and she told me today two of them would not play properly, i ran scans and the results speak for themselves.

I am glad i only purchased 25 (att).

“Uncompromising data integrity and reliability” :a

Hehe… fake TYG02 =)

Is it not illegal to use someone elses cd identifier code for other branded discs?

Not sure if it’s illegal or not but certainly under-handed and misrepresenting the product. Just got this scan from a 4x Ridata DVD+R burned at 8x. :wink: One of the best I’ve ever seen for me at least on this media at this speed.

Apparantly it is not, given how common it is these days, whereas we have heard of no lawsuits being filed by companies whose codes are being used.

Thankfully i only purchased 25 of those pisstakes and the other 25 crap discs are BulkPaq (orange top).

I will stick to the media i am happy with.