Uncompressed video codec

Is there any video codec that doesn’t compress the video when creating them? Just similar like the audio wave format, where you can save multiple times without downgrading the quality

How are you creating the video?

Sony Vegas Pro. That means I will add multiple videos and those videos probably have been created with different codes. But I want to save the finished work with a codec that doesn’t downgrade them any further. And also if I wish to re-edit them the quality shouldn’t suffer.

All re-encoding results in some loss of quality. You should use whatever codec will be the final edition and avoid multiple re-encodes. If it’s for DVD, then use MPEG-2 at a high bitrate but keep it DVD-Video compliant. Editing will not result in a loss of quality if the software has smart encoding.

Some options I use are:
Uncompressed (huge lossless files)
Huffyuv (smaller lossless)
Lagarith Lossless Codec

There will always be some loss, but should be similar to audio WAV > FLAC > WAV