Uncompressed /uncompressed cd covers

plz can anyone tell me where i can obtain hi resolution cd covers, as i dont have a scanner to do my own covers, or,… uncompressed covers this is all a bit beyond me so plz be gentle


bob24 :slight_smile:

Please use the search engine to find the answers to your question you do not have open new thread for this one just look around these forums.

You can find many interesting things by using the Search and Advanced Search functions. Here’s an example using Advanced Search to look for threads about “high resolution covers” in all forums at CDFreaks.

You can change any setting you want to before clicking on the [Search Now] button.

[Advanced Search for high resolution covers](http://club.cdfreaks.com/search.php?query=high resolution covers&titleonly=0&searchuser=&exactname=0&starteronly=0&showposts=0&forumchoice=0&childforums=1)

ok folks, very helpful i did find one site in the threads,but i couldnt find the cover, oasis, wonderwall, i have about 1 to 2 hundread cds to do (lost in fire) so a good site with a wide aray of covers would be nice this site COVERS.BOX.SK deals mainly with movies, although it is still a good site and one to use for my dvds when i get to them

Check both Gracenote and All Music Guide. You can get cover from the latter. It is also possible to use the Amazon feature in several programs.

Google CD Covers. Simple as that

none of those seem to work because the covers r 2 small and when resized become, quite frankly, bloody shite

thx for the thought though, see the covers at the mainstream sites r all low res and compressed to hell, ive hunted round the search engines, but can find only 1 site, it gets on your tits when u cant find the covers u want,…"just go n buy the f***IN cd, i hear u all cry!!!

Running out of ideas here, Bob, and you need to tone the language down a little, please.

Did you try:


…as advised in an earlier thread? You didn’t say…

Basically I doubt you will find uncompressed covers because they eat too much server space.

There’s a new site offering Hi res covers.


It’s pretty new. But growing fast.

Jordan :wink: