Uncomplaint MPEG2 for DVD?

I have 1 mpge2 file made from “dvd2svcd”, and after editing, I tried to reburn the mpeg2 into dvd!, but after I opened “DVDit!”; and try to inject my first mpg, this error shows and says:

¿what have I done? and ¿is there a way to fix it?

to be DVD compliant the file must be 720 X 576 resolution (for pal) and audio must be 48Khz. your MPEG file might be lower resolution or your audio is not at 48Khz

can’t I use a 480x480 video to be burned as DVD movie? using DVDit! I tried converting it to DVD file or just following its standards, but the end up movie is too bIG!~

you can’t use it if you want it to be a standard/compliant video dvd. some programs will allow you to create a non-standard dvd, but playback won’t be guaranteed in all dvd players. you’ll have to lower the bitrate of the video (to make it smaller) if you want to remain compliant.

480X480 is NTSC resolution for a SVCD. You can use DVD Lab to create a DVD with this MPEG file but it will only play on a DVD player that supports SVCD playback

what about converting it to vcd? will it play on all dvd players?

no, not all dvd players can play vcds. you can look here if you want to check whether or not your dvd player can play them.

It’s for clients. So what would be best to use in terms of dvd player compatibility? epcet burning into DVD-Rs

i guess vcd is more compatible, but you’d have to reencode the video anyway if you want them to be vcd-compliant, so you might as well make them dvd-compliant and make dvds instead for max compatibility. any reason why you don’t want to author them as dvds? if they’re for clients, then compatibility should probably be your main concern.

can I author dvd complaint video in the 3xx range resolutions? also, I created vcd from “svcd2dvd” but the final mpg had 352x240 instead of 480, so “DVDit!” could not recognized it as either ntsc or pal! why?

352x240 is STANDARD VCD size for an NTSC video. If its encoded as a VCD, then it is also DVD Complinat. All I suggest you do is get a decent Authoring program than DVDit, such as DVDLab or TMPGenc DVD Author.

I wanna use DVDit! it was my first love.

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