Unbranded Yellow 8x DVD+R


Opinions? I’m thinking ‘too good to be true’ here. Half the price of branded Verbatim media. I’m tempted. Think I should buy 100 and try them out? If anyone has any scans of this exact media, I’d be interested in seeing them.

Feena, if the reviews are any indication, this is actually MCC003, the Verbatim 8x DVD+R. Read this review from the link:

<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=“100%” border=0><TBODY><TR class=bold vAlign=top><TD width=“75%”>Review by Sean Leadbetter from Preston on 31/03/2007 22:17:01 </TD><TD align=right width=“25%”>Rating: 10 /10 </TD></TR><TR><TD class=“pad-10-top bold” colSpan=2>Unbranded 8x DVD+R Yellow (MCC003) </TD></TR><TR><TD class=pad-10-top colSpan=2>Never mind SVP describing these as for non-critical back up. These are a first class disc and are actually Verbatim 8x DVD+R without the name printed on the top surface. The MCC003 dye is a top quality performer with PIFs total rarely going above 100 with an average of 0.00 to 0.02. Burned with a Pioneer 110 (8.37 firmware) and a Liteon 160P6S (PSOC firmware) both at 8x with equally impressive results. Get these while you can, an absolute steal at £4-99 for a box of 50. WELL DONE SVP again!!!.</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
The other reviews are positive, so assuming they’re true, it wouldn’t seem like a bad idea to try them out. I don’t live were SVP is, so unless someone in that region happens to try these out, that’s the only way you’ll get the ‘test results’ you’d like to see…

Well, don’t know whether these are genuine.
I assume these are CMC or Prodisc OEMs.

Price is tempting and i have watched these for some time but i always end up with another box of these Infiniti White-Top (8x) DVD-R. Only exception in my cheap disc hunt was when i got the Prodisc 8x for half price. Please let us know if the yellow ones are good if you try them. Well, perhaps i’ll even get some next time i shop? :slight_smile:

Last time I seen these types of disc’s they were CMC made.
There overprints. Rejected media. INcase of MCC003, Media that for some reason didn’t pass Verbatim/mitsubishi standards. In the good case it’s a printing error in the bad case it’s something else.
Consistency for these is tricky. So I think SVP is advertising it correctly with there for non critical back ups.

Yep, overprints are tricky. Some discs are very good and some are unreadable soon after burn. I still have a few from before Tuffdisc :eek: and they seem ok when i pull them out but i have thrown quite a few out as well. In the end i don’t think they are much cheaper than [I]“solid”[/I] cheap discs :slight_smile:

That pretty much sums up my own opinion. Crapshoot. Do you feel lucky? :bigsmile:

I don’t know… a yellow coloured media needs to be very cheap and very very good to buy it

If it’s cheap, buy some and try it out. Don’t hope for the world, they may be very good media for everyday use but not for long term.

If it’s cheap enough it’s worth it IMO.

Then again, with such media, one has to test each and every disc… one disc can be OK, and the next one awful!
Is it really worth it? :confused:

I’m under the impression that most “CDFreaks”, who will test every single burn, mostly use trustable media, unless it’s for the fun of testing. And that most non-CDFreaks don’t test every burn (if any at all).

So…?! Who are these discs for? :bigsmile:

Well, I think I’ve accidentally nailed an interesting paradox… :stuck_out_tongue:

i test every disk :o

just bought 4 packs from svp and the codes on the disk are as follows
code on disc zd3606dvrx47b and on the clear hub
pah 702kh28063428…
any idea from these codes who makes them and what brand they are…


CMC manufactured, 7 production facility, August 2006. Surplus or reject Verbatim media.

thank you TLO.
Still the best site for info and advice.
keep it up everyone.