Unbranded Ritek/Arita CD-R media

I’ve been finding reasonably cheap media on Pricewatch.com that supposedly sells “Unbranded Ritek/Arita CD-R media”:

it’s about 26 for 100 which is pretty okay if it’s really good (ie genuine ritek media), even if they’re not TY.

I’ve had good experiences with TDK branded riteks, I’m just wondering if these are reliable/any good.

Any good/bad experiences?

I’m just sick of having to wait around for Best Buy.com to have their discounts, having to mail in rebates, and getting CMC’s and Prodisc crap.

I have some arita 40X ritek disc here and they sucks.

Can’t be written reliably at any speed.

But these may for sure be better :slight_smile:

Just a note: ritek sells much B grade media under the arita brand…

Ritek A grade is sold under the ritek owned brands ridata and traxdata…

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Ritek A grade is sold under the ritek owned brands ridata and traxdata…
Only ?

There’s a 2 for one sale on TDK 48x right now, I think it’s CompUSA, check the sunday paper. As long as you look at the spindle packaging, you can’t mistake RiteK for anything else.
Gray base and rounded top edge.

Huh, the site I bought 100pk from, www.dvcentury.com (last night, being too bored) lists the discs simply as Ritek on their site, though as Ritek/Arita on pricewatch, which I’m sure probably isn’t a good sign.

That said, they do offer TY discs as well, so the should know something about quality, hopefully the discs are okay. (They do also offer ProDisc discs there… :Z)

Probably worth the experiment - ie I can’t be bothered to go and cancel :stuck_out_tongue:

remind me to update this in a week in case I forget - if you’re interested of course.

Don’t forget to update this in a week. :bigsmile:

CompUsa is doing 50 for 9.99 after “instant rebate” whatever that is.


My local store only seems to stock 50pks that are CMC’s though, so no luck - though all the 100 pks I saw were Riteks.

Compusa.com is clever enough to put the ritek spindle picture up though, bastards.

Similar experience with Bestbuy.com, 50pk TDK’s were CMC’s (not horrible, but still CMC’s) and 100pk Fuji’s were totally unusable Prodiscs.

Has anyone seen 100pk TDK’s that are not Ritek?

I’ve never seen 100-ct TDK that was not in Ritek packaging. The local CompUSA has both CMC and Ritek in 50-ct. The 52x TDK are always Ritek AFAIK.
Oh, and Maxell 48x are ritek, but are never on sale.

Bestbuy.com is having the 50pk Fuji sale again, $4-5 after MIR - most likely prodisc stuff though, I’ve had enough aggravation not to be bothered.

The last time I saw TY Fujis was at CompUSA, but only 30pks for too much.

Interesting about 100ct TDKs, I got some cheap from Bestbuy.com some time back, will have to look out for it.

I’ve not been in the US long (and don’t really like shopping round the holidays) - do post holiday sales normally include good deals on media? :bigsmile:

In general, we can expect to see far fewer sales on CDR’s inthe future, best stock up now. Prices will start rising soon.

It seems that pricewatch just tends to use Ritek/Arita to designate Ritek media in general - from its DVD-R searches, Allmediaoutlet discs turn up as Ritek/Arita when I’ve ordered them and they’re very clearly Ridata branded. Ridata was printed on the inner ring of the most recent ones and I’ve had no problems with those.

OC-Freak, did the Arita branded discs you had have any markings? Were they branded as Arita or Ritek?

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The last time I saw TY Fujis was at CompUSA, but only 30pks for too much.

Those most likely are Riteks ( as mine ) :

Drive Type = CD-RW
Disc Type = CDR (A-)
Material = Phthalocyanine
Lead In = 97:15:17
Lead Out = 79:59:73
Nominal Capacity = 702.83MB (79m 59s 73f/LBA:359848)
Manufacturer Maybe = RiTEK,JS
Smart-Burn Speed Limit = Wrt(48X),Rd(12X)

really? didn’t know Fuji used Riteks - but anyway, these were in the full wrapping similar to the 50pk fujis, and probably in the same spindle type as normal TY (as opposed to Ritek spindles).

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really? didn’t know Fuji used Riteks
Well, it won’t do any harm. :wink:

Check this out > Fuji Audio 30 pack = Ritek

Okay, I’ve just come back from Shanghai to my lovely new Lite On drive and the Ritek discs.

Good news about the discs is that they are branded as Ridata, which is enough for me, and burning seems to go smoothly.

I’m still figuring out how to use K-Probe, so this is the Nero CD-Speed scan: