Unbranded (genuine) Taiyo Yudens versus Verbatim Pastels?

unbranded (genuine) Taiyo Yudens versus Verbatim Pastels

are both the same quality?

Or maybe TY sends the best batches to Verbatim and the rest are sold as unbranded TY?

has anyone compared both?

I am talking about genuine unbranded TY, for example, those sold at Rima in the USA or at SVP in the UK


If you’ve got genuine TY media then im fairly sure it makes little difference what name its sold under quality should always be good.

yeah, but you know, quality varies from batch to batch, this is natural, and I wonder if Verbatim rejects those batches that are not of good enough quality.
We know that these things happen.
For example, in the world of hard disk drives, we know the sad case of IBM Deskstars.
The rejected batches by large OEMs were routed by IBM for distribution channel (small retailers).

Does the “unbranded” spindle contain any “Taiyo Yuden” identification?, any advertising?
and the discs, are they completelly unbranded?

They only have a serial n° on the inner ring.
Trustee webshops and foromers reports are your only guarantee but it works :wink:

Look for a post from Koba in this forum on the pecking order (who are served first when a batch is finished among OEM’s, Replication industry and TY self branded and unbranded discs).

I can’t see differences between the Verbatim Pastel (50), Fuji (50) or Unbranded (70) that I used

Hi Sapa, how are you doing?

I have checked Koba’s comments
and yes, it seems that Taiyo Yuden has preferential customers, and each brand has its own quality control, which could force TY to give them the best discs in the batch.
I assume Verbatim will get pretty good discs.
And the unbranded TY will be worse.

But, at the same time, Koba says that Taiyo Yuden’s manufacturing process has short batches, and thus, the variability between different brands will be low, that would explain why you find little or no difference between the brands you tested.

Fine arga2K, que tal ?

You are probably right on the respective merit of TY from different channels.
The differences are so small that I could buy whichever is the cheapest available.

Plextor branded TY are usually the best, but come at a premium…

What do you mean with that?
I’m using plex media with a premium…

The idea must be : Plex media are designed only for people with a premium ? :wink:

Plextor is too expensive, sorry.

lol…Plextor gets first crack at TY media (as they have many corporate/development ties ). and i meant that it’s usually the best quality but comes at a price. not sure where i was unclear :confused:

Ohh, you meant the price! :stuck_out_tongue:
I thought you meant the drive (plextor premium)…

Oops … :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Bad translation mistake…

by the way: I can buy 5 pieces of Plextor DVD-R (jewel box) for 6.07 € here in Vienna. And 10 pieces of CD-R (slim) for 7.29. :slight_smile:

heh, i’ve got a premium as well and WISH i had some Plex-branded media for it.

those prices are still relatively expensive considering you can get Fuji branded TY for ~$0.40/disc and Fuji branded TY CD-Rs for $0.25/disc. but like i said, you pay a premium for the stuff :wink:

Yes and no, the fact of the matter is that the name brand re-brands are subject to more handling, being produced in much larger quantities. Therefore it is much more likely that the name brands which are relabeled and distributed on a much larger scale, would have more problems with their quality control standards. IMHO TY is best straight from the source (unbranded TY). However, if there is a significant price difference between the two, then I would take the plunge and go with the Verbatim Pastels. :wink:

okay, Jesterrace, you seem to favour unbranded Taiyo Yudens…
any other oppinion?

well, I finally ordered the unbranded TY.
Good price at SVP (57€/100 discs, plus a “holiday discount”).

3 50 packs of defective Fuji rebranded TY DVD-R media was enough to convince me of that. Spotting in the dye and all. I also went through 6 15 packs of Maxell media that not only had spotting in the dye but fingerprints on the discs as well. It’s true that the Maxells weren’t actually TY, they were Maxell’s own dye but the fact of the matter is that they are supposed to be right up there in quality with TY. After going through that many defective discs from brand name re-labels, I have sworn off them and only go with media straight from the manufacturer. Been through 3 spindles of 50 unbranded TY DVD-R and never had a single disc with the problems listed above, IMHO that says something about the difference in the handling and storage between factory direct and brand name re-badges. :wink: BTW how much of a price difference was there between the Verbatim Pastels and the unbranded TY?

Hi Jesterrace, thanks for sharing your experiences.

Regarding spots, fingerprints, etc:
I own 4 spindles of Ridiscs G04, and I have found very fine spotting in the plastic that looks like fog, and a few discs had fingerprints and “blemishes” (“big centrifugal drops of dye”) in the dye. At first, I was very angry, but later I noticed that the discs were perfectly readable, although Quality Scans indeed revealed the defect (PIF errors increase in that area). As the price was good, I think they are worthy.

But finding that kind of defects in a Maxell or Fuji is indeed unacceptable.

I have only purchased a spindle of Maxells. They are Taiyo Yuden, +R, 4X.
They costed me very expensive.
The looks are impeccable, no visual defects at all. The only problem with them is that
when I scan them at 16X, I get high errors at the end, and the drive has to slow down.

I am glad to see that you are happy with your unbranded Taiyo Yudens. This is
not the first time that I see happy customers with this media.
It is true that branded media suffers more manipulation, due to the labeling process, and sometimes humans handle the discs. Thus, the discs end up with dust and fingerprints.

Furthermore, unbranded media has a big advantage: you can write on them with the typical marker, and later, if you want to make corrections, you can easily delete it with alcohol and toilet paper. Its very easy. In contrast, if you write on a labeled disc, the ink of the pen somehow is absorbed by the label and you won’t be able to remove it completely. Furthermore, the alcohol can damage the label, and it will look ugly.

Furthermore, labels are very distracting, if you have a collection of discs, and you have a diversity of labels.

The price difference between Pastels and Unbranded TY:
the Pastels were more expensive, at 3,69€ /5discs. They are packaged in slim jewel boxes,
The 100 TY are 57,80€.