Unbranded dvds

Where can I get unbranded DVD for a DVD that I’m putting out and what is the best one to get. They have to be Dual layered. Thanks

There are not many DL blank dvds that are worth buying. The most reliable ones are those made by Verbatim, so that doesn’t meet your “unbranded” requirement. They will burn properly, however, which most other brands won’t. You could get the printable version, and have a plain white top, but that will add to the cost a bit.
They can be found at rima.com, meritline.com and supermediastore.com if you are in the US.

The only others that might be acceptable are made by Falcon, and are not as widely distributed. The members here are getting good results from the Falcon DL disks. They can be ordered from here: http://www.cddimensions.com/Falcon-8x-White-Inkjet-Printable-Dual-Layer-DVDR/productinfo/FLC-DVDPLUSRDLWHIP/
Again, this is for US buyers.