Unbranded black(TOP, not writing surface) cdrs



are there any manufacturers out there that sell unbranded cdrs with a standard(silver) writing surface and black tops? I’ve been looking for them but the search always gets muddied with black writable ps2 style cdrs. I’m also looking for the writing surface to be as close to a professional look as possible(more silver, less green/blue). Other colors would be fine too, I’ve seen them in orange, but black is preferable. Any help or direction would be appreciated. Thanks.


I guess I’ve decided to go with the white printable prodisc diamond and silkscreen them black. Does anyone have any experience with silkscreening printable cds? Will it absorb the paint if I’m doing two layers?


Hmm I know you stated that you only want Black coloring on top, but would Memorex Black CD-R be an option?
Black on the bottom and mostly black on top…


no I really dislike the black bottom, it’s a shame that it seems to come as a package deal with the black top. It makes sense that people wouldn’t want a black printable surface but it seems like somebody would make it. Thanks for the suggestion though.



They SAY Black/Silver (top/bottom), but I rather suspect they got this one back to front!