Unbootable DVD's



I’ve got a PX-716A that has burned a lot of coasters. By this I mean that neither my home DVD players nor the PX-716A will play the recorded discs. The strange thing is most of them will play on my Sony DW-D22A burner (same as LiteOn 1633s) and my laptop NEC ND-6500A burner. I can’t figure out why the DVDs boot and play with the Sony (LiteOn) and the NEC, while they won’t even boot on the PX716A that burned them.

Also, I’ve got Fuji 8X DVD-Rs (ProdiscF01) that the NEC ND-6500A can burn quite well. Every burn from the PX-716A is a coaster!

With all the problems I’ve had with the 716A I’m begining to think this is not such a good burner.

Any thoughts?


what firmware is your plextor using?


user error learn how to burn bootable media… same way as u do cds

all burners are capable of this


I think he meant mount, not boot.