So I get my LG 4163B and start backing up my files (pictures, music files (about 35 gigs), etc.) because I was going to reinstall XP because of some minor problems I was having. So I use DeepBurner. I format every disk before I use the drag and then drop option (in the explorer window) to move my files onto the DVD+RW. Every time I paste the 3.90-4.36 Gigs on to the DVD it takes about 20-25 minutes for the files to burn onto the DVD…or so I thought. Before I format my hard drive I count 13 and a half full DVD+RWs. So after I format I find out that 8 of the DVD+RW’s that the LG 4163B took 20-25 minutes on “writing” the files on have about 1.17MB of misc. files (not the files I thought I burned). I am so frustrated. All my pictures, all my music, all my work…gone. Now, I want to know if anyone has used “Ghost” or whatever the recovery software is that recovers deleted data…or am I just sol? WTF did the drive do while spending the 20-25 minutes supposedly writing data. HELP!!!


Sounds like you used packet writing software which is known not to be a reliable backup method. The 20-25 minutes sounds like the drive was actually performing a full format of the discs and not actutally writing files. Next time I would really suggest using a write once medium or backup onto another hdd.

As for recovering data, there are programs out there, some googling will help. I have had limited experience trying to recover data off a reformatted hdd. I think it would also depend on when you installed xp again, did you choose fast format or complete. As I think complete format might zero out the hdd? Someone wanna confirm this?

All I can say is good luck finding a software solution for recovering data. Maybe try reading the discs in another drive? That’s about all I could think of.


I used InCD when I formated the DVD+RWs. When I copied and pasted the files, a display box came up every time and what I could tell, it was a confirming box that displayed the files being copied…it went throught the files that were selected.

When I formated the hard drive it was a fast format and it was last night. Why would 6 DVD’s write fine but the other 8 were…I dont want to say messed up because you can tell it has been written on. (The darker part when burned) I’ve tried both drives and both read the same 1.77 something MB junk files that I have no idea were they came from.


Try opening the “corrupted” discs in isobuster and see if it can read them. It worked for some cds, but I never tried a dvd, but I think it should work. That’s wierd that 6 worked and 8 didn’t. Hmmmm.


Well, you’re my new best friend. Seriously, I tried your advice and the first disk I tried recovered the files on the DVD+RW. Im going to try the other DVDs now. :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:


anything like isobuster for free?


Get this…after I ran isobuster and CDroller a couple of times the drive picked up on the way to look at the dvd+rw’s and now it reads ALL of them just fine…wtf…You have to understand where I was coming from. “I know my way around computers” would be an insult if you were discribing my relationship with comupters their hardware and such so this just blows my mind how the drive can just pick up on the information after the drive was acting like it didnt work. Let me tell you, I was pulling my hair out, cursing…this was very scary. Anyway. Thanks for the help. sorry for any misspelled words or what not. Im tired from the frustration and I dont care about it right now.


Last time I checked isobuster was free, unless they changed it :confused:

Glad to hear that everything is working for you now. Next time I would backup to writeonce media to try and reduce the risk of this happening again. Anyway…have a good day. :slight_smile:


You do have to pay for a serial key but don’t know if the other is free/shareware or limited ?