Unbelievable CD-RW



I have just removed the shrink-wrap from a CMC Magnetics Corp CD-RW, branded as Lite-On, that was shipped with the LTR-40125S. I brought it into work, put it in a Pioneer DVR-A03 DVD/CD writer, fired up Nero and tried to burn to it, only to be told that it was not writable. Took the disk out and replaced it with a Mitsibishi Chem. CD-RW, branded Sony, and wrote to it fine.

Confused I took the CMC Magnetics blank and put it in a Samsung SN308B DVD-CD-RW combo drive and wrote to it fine with EZ CD 4 [don't ask!], could read it in the Pioneer DVR-A03 but still could not write to it.

I ran CDIdentifier to check the ATIP. CDRId said it had a max write speed of 8x, the branding said 12x. I checked with Nero InfoTool which gave it a write speed of 10x. :confused:

So which is correct?


12x is correct.

Perhaps it’s the drive that is slower.
Try it (the RW -disc) in your LiteON LTR-40125S and it should report it to be 12x.

I’m looking to buy more of those RWs and I have never experienced anything negative about them.
Only thing is that here in Finland nobody seems to sell them. Only 10x available at the moment or then I’m blind or something.


Originally posted by Kari Halme
Perhaps it’s the drive that is slower.

The drive I did the checking in is an 8x drive, but then why would Nero say 10x if it is a true 12x disk?



The Pioneer DVR-A03 is not capable of writing to high-speed cd-rw media. You can find that out in doing “rtfm”


Originally posted by alexnoe
The Pioneer DVR-A03 is not capable of writing to high-speed cd-rw media. You can find that out in doing “rtfm”

If I had a copy of the manual to read, I’m sure I would have spotted the problem, however the manual was probably thrown away when the drive was installed by it’s original owner. But thanks for pointing that out to me.


Most of the CD media you get free with most burners is generic Crap, IMO. Most of the free software sucks too - it’s always outdated, Junk you dont need, or crippleware that doesnt have all the features and quits after 30 days if you dont pay for it.

Oh yeah how many have you gotten AOL CD’s with your new CD-RW?? - just what I needed, thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

The best freebies I have gotten were the Verbatim CD-R and 10X CD-RW I got with my Plextor 24/10/40. :slight_smile:


oh yeah just to point out cdrid hasnt been updated for like a year or more so im sure when it was made they never thought 12X cdrw’s would be released