Unauthorised uploads WXP



I have a 4 computer network. 2xWXP,1xW2K,1xW98(laptop).

I have localised to one of the networked WXP machines a serious amount of uploading and I can’t see from my side how it is happening. it routes through another WXP machine for internet access (56K).

These are both raw XP versions (i.e. no service packs, no upgrades).

I have the standard firewall on the internet connection turned on.

I appreciate any advice to help me stop this from happening.


This is my first post. I am sure you will let me know if I am at the wrong place for this question.


i suggest installing software to monitor where the computer is uploading to - i had one that did it before my format, and i cant find it again .

if you dont want to do that, post running processes on that pc, and we’ll see what we can do. best of luck in the meantime.


Whats your reason for wanting to limit the uploads? Is it to reserve bandwidth? Because there is a policy editor tweak you can use to limit bandwidth on any machine with XP to limit bandwidth usage for that machine.


Thanks for tha advice. I ended up installing a firewall that gives good reports on what it blocks. It hasn’t occured since but I haven’t had internet on long enough to find out if it’s fixed.

I wanted to stop the uploads because I didn’t know what was causing them.