Unattended WinXP: A Whole New Experience

Most of you have no idea what’s an unattended windows xp installation. Others use it very often but never felt like posting about it. I’m the second one. I’ve been using unattended windows installations for a lot of time and I think it’s awesome. I started with a very good website, which is being renovated at the time of my post, until when I started to visit specific forums. Since CDF does not provide a subforum for these, I leave a suggestion for you.

Have you ever wanted a Windows XP CD that would install Windows XP by automatically putting in your name, product key, timezone and regional settings? Followed by silently installing all your favourite applications along with the latest DirectX, .Net Framework and then all the Windows Critical Updates, registry tweaks, updated drivers, and a readily patched UXTheme.dll without any user interaction whatsoever? Then this guide will show you how you can do just that!

Have fun :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have more then 1 computer and you have a active directory domain, then you can make a RIS server. It is a server that also make unattended installations without using a boot disk.

You can also bundle software and drivers with your customized installation with some small scripts.

I made this project for our company. It is very useful. I have made a manual for this task, maybe I should post it.

But if you are only using this at home, then I would reccommend disk imaging. It is alot faster for a single computer. You can also make a image run like a setup to find new hardware.

You can also use a PE and install it from an USBHDD (really fast using usb 2.0). Or also by network (using RIS server). It has a panople of choices :slight_smile:

Unattended windows cds are really only useful if you reinstall really often or on multiple computers without the preiviously mentioned network method. Or if you need to do some serious customization that is more difficult to do once installed. Like nLite or modified registry hives