Unapproved but not removed: BSOD After Trial expiry and Deleted Partition

Core i7 on an Asus Sabertooth X79 motherboard with 16GB DDR3 SDRAM.
1 x 256GB M4 (System) on 6Gb/s channel
1 x 128GB M4 on 6Gb/s channel
1 x Sandisk 30GB on 3Gb/s channel (VeloSSD Cache)
2 x WD RE4 2TB with 2 partitions in RAID1 on the MARVEL 6Gb/s channel
1 x WD RE3 1TB via E-SATA

I was encrypting a harddrive last night. Left my PC on, and this morning I wake up to a BSOD detailing an error with velossd.sys.

Prior to this my prior boot up was met with a mandatory chkdsk detailing corrupted files.

Rebooting after the BSOD, leaves me with the windows start up logo for over an hour.

Tried rebooting a few times, tried the Win 7 repair disc a few times. Same thing.

System only booted when I detached the VeloSSD cache drive.

Upon booting up again, I was met with a notification that the trial period for VeloSSD had ended.

I uninstalled VeloSSD. Clicked OK to reboot.

Unable to log in because my user files were in the partition being cached by VeloSSD that were obliterated upon uninstallation of VeloSSD.

Saving grace is that my laptop is a practical clone of my desktop.

On a more serious note, at this level of operations, for something like this to happen is really just testament to how far from prime time this program really is. Have the temerity to at least label it as BETA.

The time lost alone is unnerving.

Come on,
VeloSSD does not delete partitions !

What you post is plain wrong.

Please add details to your problem report,
otherwise it is just trolling.
And will probably be deleted by an Administrator.

What encryption software do you use ?
Was it assigned to encrypt the cached Volume ?

What I posted was my experience.

The volume being encrypted was the 1 x TB WDRE3 on the E-SATA port.

The volume assigned to be cached by VeloSSD was the first of two partitions in the RAID 1 array.

wxers: It is not unlikely,
what you claim to be true is technically not possible. Point.

But the title is extremely misleading and wrong, can´t let that so.
Also you use offensive language, i see you broke forum rules wxers.

Lets see, i only rename it.

I test this program on a continuous basis and this not is not possible with this program.

It is not unlikely,
what you claim to be true is technically not possible.

I believe this to be true. And it just so happens I have the exact same motherboard as the OP. I have 32gbs of RAM and I am using 2 SSDs, both 512gbs.

We produce the software and know every detail about it.

The user has lied about the product.
The user has scorned the product and company.

I live in germany, this is a crime in our law.

I think the user wanted to describe what he did with the software and what result he experienced. Maybe he did something wrong or forgot to describe something he did that resulted in the mess he had. Or maybe even one of his drives broke and since he did nothing else, he thought it’s VeloSSD’s fault.

Nowhere in his description I see him scorning you and I highly doubt you will find a judge in Germany to punish him for what he wrote and I’m in the same country as you.

This software will never delete partitions, that we know.
Logically he is not saying the truth,
he scorns us with writing we are not even being beta.
With the background of his untruthful accusations.

We not tolerate, it is not ok. Everybody can do that then.
Just tell a nightmare story, nobody cares if it is true.
I´ll send you a pm.

Oh great. I take time testing your software. Something goes wrong, I give you feedback.

Why in the world would I fabricate this story? The cached partition disappeared at the same time the trial period expiry notice appeared. I attempted recovery of said partition but it revealed corrupted files.

Instead of taking this constructively you’ve gotten into some strange tirade thinking as if there’s a conspiracy to discredit your application.

How about being more professional and inquire further on why:
a) Prior to this, file system errors were appearing.
b) Troubleshoot what could have led to this issue.

Instead you’ve gotten into threatening to sue people who GIVE YOU FEEDBACK!

Are you serious?!!!

And here’s another thing, drama aside, what’s with the BSOD after the trial expiry?

Somehow this seems to have been overlooked. I’m surprised you didn’t ask for the error codes.