Unanswered nero vision subtitle problems



Hi, ive been searching through the forum for an answer to my question but im having no joy. after searching i have found a lot of folk have posted asking the same as i wish to know but it looks like they had no joy either. so i will try and hope…here goes. when creating a dvd with subtitles using nero vision 2 it all seems fine (preview looks ok everything normal). after burning and playing it back you can just about see half the subs poking up at the bottom of the screen. whilst creating a menu on nero vision it shows an image of the finished product but it has two dotted lines going round the edge, are these anything to do with screen size. anyway just a hint would do so i could at least try to look myself as i dont know where to start (maybe i should googlize nero vision dotty line?). please help and put me out of my misery.


Click on these “lines” and you should be able to re-size/move them.


Thanks for trying chef but i tried this and was unable to move the lines. after more hard searching ive been told that the lines represent different televisions and what they show on screen so if thats the case then i would need to resize the video and maybe make it smaller so it fits on my tv. do you maybe know what i need to resize my files so the picture will fit on the inside dotted line. thanks in advance


me again…ive found something called flaskmpeg. could i use this to resize, but would it most likley come out the same with my tv still choping bits off? could i use this or somthing else to stick a black border at the top and bottom which my tv would chop off thus leaving my subtitles intact.