Unaccessible CD/DVD Data

Hello all. I burned a DVD with Nero recently and, to my dismay, I noticed I couldn’t access the files.


First of all, the files simply do not appear on Windows Explorer. I spent a good deal of time trying to understand how I could have deleted things from my computer without backing them up first onto a CD/DVD until I had the idea to try to read the DVD with Nero. The program gives the following information:

+ DVD Session
…- DVD Session 01 (2,226 mb)
…- Track 1: 0 2,278,688KB, ISO 9660/Joliet (mode 1)
…- Session 02 (1,949 MB)
…- Track 02: 1177248 1,995,680KB, ISO 9660/Joliet (mode 1)
…- Session 03 (77MB)
…- Track 03: 2184832 78,496KB, Data (mode 1)

As you can see I have two ISO/Joliet modes present, and they are readable. Strangely enough, the Data session (session number 3, and last to be recorded) is not readable - or at least they files won’t show). Although Nero does show it, Windows Explorer won’t, nor will CD/DVD Data Recovery softwares (I tried using DVD Data Rescue, but it stated the DVD had only 2 sessions, not 3).

Does anyone have any suggestions? I really don’t know what to do - and obviously I wouldn’t like to lose this data!

Thanks a lot everyone!

Try Isobuster…http://www.isobuster.com/

Yeppers. ISOBuster works, also Nero includes a program for switching sessions as does EZ CD. In the event that the sessions are BORKED, BadCopy can help.

Thanks for the advice, buddy.

However, maybe I did something wrong? I downloaded it, used it, but all I could do (apparently) was trying to extract the DVD session to a file. That gave me a .tao archive that, well… I have no idea what I should do with. My files are in it? How do I get access to them? This may sound a bit lame, but I really don’t know how this works.

Thanks for the reply! I didn’t find EZ CD to download, though. Where can I get it? As for BadCopy, the program couldn’t read the 3rd session on the DVD (just like Windows Explorer can’t, either). Although Nero can read the files (by that I mean acknowledge that they do exist), I don’t know what to do, because apparently I can’t copy files from the DVD to my computer using Nero (I’m just dragging+dropping). Is there any other way to do this?

Thanks a lot again!

If ISOBuster gave you a .tao, just burn that. Or install Daemon Tools and use that to mount it. :wink: