Unable to write songs on a DVD

I have got Nero 8 installed in my system. Now I am unable to write a DVD. I must have wasted over 1000 DVD’s just to understand how to write on it. I can write on a CD but unable to write on a DVD I don know y. Now the DVD I am using to write is 4.7gb dvd recordable moserbear pro. it. First already I have just inserted means burned 3 to 4 songs only in the start. Now again when I select Nero express essentials to burn my dvd if I click on data cd and click on add and select 2 or 3 songs and then I click on next. I have also selected that option verify data on the disc after burning. Now after adding the files when I click on next, and then click on burn I get this message " Sorry your compilation cannot be written on this kind of disc. Please insert a disc of the current type or modify the settings of your computer to make it a correct disc". Also wanted to inform you that it does not show the songs that I previously written it while burning. Now after receiving this error message I just click on cancel and this gets aborted and I do not save the project. Now I try the 2nd way. Same procedure I start Nero express Essentials, clcik on data dvd, then click on add and add a new song and then click on next and then burn, I receive this error message "The disc is not writable. Please insert a writable disc… Disc required for the compilation DVD R/W, DVD dl, DVD-ram. Disc required in the recorder DVD-R… Then I click on cancel and again aborted by user and 1 more DVD is wasted. Guys can you help me out on this please asap. I have wasted a lot of money on all my DVD’s. Can some 1 explain me a simple procedure wht to do please?

Read this thread and see if that explains your problem…

I always take the first option burn multisession anyways if any time message like this may come up