Unable to write any cds

hi, i need to make some cds but it never lets me it either completes the burn process and when i try the cd nothing is on it, ore i get this fixation and focus tracking errors :confused: . It does it whatever type of cd im making, i even tryed making images of the disk i want to burn.
The apps ive tryed r nero, blindwrite and also tryd with XP CD Burning Wizard, none of them work

My writer is an ARTEC WRR-4048, it has worked perfectly before up to about 2 weeks ago

Anybody give me a hand on how to fix?

It could be bad/cheap media, try a diff make of disk e.g. TDK, Verbatim.


ok, il have doos, if it dont work il come back

My Artec CD writer gave up the ghost too - ended up buying a new Benq one :wink: