Unable to write after Analyzing with Dvd Shrink



I have Anydvd software installed and activated it.When I start up dvd shrink and open files it analyzes okay. When I go to backup it completes the analyzing after 50 minutes but won’t allow me to write it.The tray won’t open up. It starts to analyze it all over again.What am I doing wrong to cause this constant problem.Thanks


Have you selected a valid target?


Am I Selecting A Valid Target?i’m Not Sure What That Means.i’m A Newbie 100%. Thanks Chef


Here is a guide:

What burning apps have you installed and chosen?


What chef means is are you checking to make sure that you selected your dvd burner in the burn options menu of DVD Shrink. If you haven’t then Shrink will not initiate a burn. Also you need to make sure that your Nero is a version below 7. Shrink will not start the Nero burn engine automatically in version 7.
Hope this helps.


Hey stroppy!

Nice scan & info! :wink:


To Stroppy and Chef, Thanks for helping out this green horn with all your guidance.All is well now no problems at all. Kman21


Sounds good.