Unable to wrire audio cd using Nero with Samsung writemaster


I am trying to write mp3 files to a CD using Nero smart start application with Samsung write master DVD writer. I am not able to write only the audio cd.
It says the format not compatible.

I am able to write video/data using the same driver and nero.

But the same file i am able to write using Win media player 9.

Can anyone help me out.

Sureshkumar S

Are you trying to use an .mp3 file to make an audio CD that has .cda extensions, or just burning the .mp3 to the disc?

If you want to make an .mp3 disc, try using the jukebox setting instead of the audio cd. If you want your .mp3s converted back to a normal audio CD format, Nero should do it just fine, as will iTunes and some others.

Also, is some situations, it makes a difference whether you drag and drop the files or add them via the add files dialogue. So whichever way you are using, try the other way.

I used the Nero make audio/mp3 cd vizard. Also tried the drag and drop stuff. But in both ways it says “Not compatiable file”.

I am not able to see the exact extension of the file, as i use XP, the file type displayed as MP3 format sound. How do i find the file type then?
Where do i find the juke box settings?

Thanks for the response.

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Try doing it with Burrrn (www.burrrn.net). It’s a free app that does Audio CDs very well & often works where Nero fails.

Hi :slight_smile:
Tim your link doesn’t appear to work! :doh:

If you want to see the extensions, go to control panel-folder options-view tab, and uncheck “Hide extensions of known file types”

My mp3 files load normally using your procedure, so it should work. Unless perhaps your files have something wrong with them or are protected or something, or you don’t have some codec you might need. Not really sure—

Corrected link www.burrrn.net .


Thanks for the inputs. I tried re-installing the Nero application and it worked. Thanks a lot.

Sureshkumar S