Unable to watch (Lost - 2nd Season)

Hi! Strange thing happened when I tried to watch Lost - the 2nd Complete Season on my PC. It is not a copied version, but original from the store. I am using PowerDVD Deluxe Version v7.3(Ultra). It starts good, displaying menu of episode titles. However, when I click on an episode title or click on Play All , it simply returns to the menu. However, I am sure that discs are in good condition and I can watch them in ordinary DVD player attached to TV.

This is first time I have experienced such thing. I had no trouble to watch Lost 1st season and Lost 3rd season on PC.

Nero Vision and Recode cannot read Lost 2nd seas. Neither CloneDVD. CloneDVD shows menu, but main episode titles appear empty with zero minutes. I use also AnyDVD (

Does someone have Lost - 2nd season and manage to play on PC?

I am using follwing DVD drives:
DVD burner: Optiarc DVD±RW ND-3570A

Kind regards