Unable to view photos in DVD

After burning photos in a DVD using “Data Disc” I am able to view them in the DVD drive I used for burning them but not other drives. I am using Nero 6 and Wndows XP Home Edition. The DVD’s have been finalized.
Can anyone help please?

What media did you use to burn the photos to?
What other drives do you mean?
Is it a stand alone or other computers?

Verbatim DVD+R, PC line DVD+R & RW, Phillips+RW.
I have three drives on my computer, Compaq DVD, Pioneer RW, and another drive for burning CD’s make unknown.
It’s a standalone computer but linked by wirelss to my wifes laptop.
After burning I can see the photos on the Pioneer which I use for burning. Sometimes I ca see them on my Phillips DVD drive but I cannot see them on my wifes laptop. She has no problem in viewing other DVD’s on her laptop. Also cannot see them on a friends laptop.